Event: Brooklyn Public Library’s Book Drive and $1 Book Sale

brooklyn_public_library_josh_radnorToday the Central Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library held their annual book drive and accompanying $1 book sale. I met up with six friends this afternoon to drop off our donations to the book drive, collectively clearing out an entire bookcase worth of reading material of a wide range of subject matter. Cultural studies, classic sci-fi, arts and crafts…we’re a wordy group. We like books and writing. It’s how we roll.

I pored over the mass market carts with my friends, giggling over category romance titles and picking the best (by which I mean worst) ones for Erin to recap for this blog. (Get ready.) But I actually didn’t buy anything. I came back from a weekend in Connecticut last month with a shit-ton of romance and mystery mass markets, and a bunch of literary fiction paperbacks. (On the last day of the town book fair you basically buy a paper shopping bag for $8 and fill it up. I worked at a bookstore and I’m slightly OCD; and I am excellent at bagging books. I made out like an effing bandit.) Not only that, but I went to my mom’s house the next weekend and I never leave there empty handed. I left with three dresses, a pair of jeans I’ve decided I’m not giving back, Quaker oatmeal packets, and a bag filled with paranormal fiction, contemporary romance, and a sci-fi/romance trilogy that holds the distinction of having the most horrifyingly ridiculous covers I’ve ever seen. Now, I’ve been going to the library at least twice a week, so I haven’t even started on any of the books I obtained last month. Add to that all of the titles I’ve downloaded onto my Kindle for free or super-cheap, and I’m pretty set in terms of reading material. (And it’s not like the library is going anywhere.)

My friends and I have a book swap party every year, and we decided that next year we should have it the morning of the book drive. Then we can take all of the unwanted books over to the library directly afterward. Between book swap parties and a summer spent trying to get “stuff” out of my apartment, I actually found that I had a lot less books to donate than I would have thought. (My building’s laundry room has a small bookcase, so I often put titles down there, too, to replace ones that I take.)

Even though I lived in Brooklyn for seven years, before today I had never been inside the Brooklyn Public Library’s Central Branch – the giant one at Grand Army Plaza in Park Slope. I didn’t explore much, aside from the lobby and the romance department, but it was big and airy and I was impressed with the selection. I signed up for a library card there, although I’ll still continue to order through my local NYPL branch. But it was pretty nice to have a larger selection for browsing.

And because I am my father’s daughter and I’m good at recognizing faces, I spotted Josh Radnor from How I Met Your Mother sporting a beard and filming something at the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket with a handful of people. He’s very cute in person. I’m not usually into beards, but he was rocking it. My friends and I ended up hanging out at the Greenmarket (and then taking shelter there from the rain while we ate Rickshaw Dumplings) so we watched them film for a while. (I also narrowly avoided walking right into him while I was checking out the vegetables and thinking about dinner.)

I wish I had thought to take a picture of the book sale itself, or the mountain of books we donated. Alas, I must attach the only picture I got of the library, and it happens to be the stealth-mode one I took of Josh Radnor.


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One response to “Event: Brooklyn Public Library’s Book Drive and $1 Book Sale”

  1. Dad says :

    I took you to Prospect Park one year (1992?) and we went to the Brooklyn Public Library in Grand Army Plaza afterwards. How could you forget? – Dad

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