New Contributor Introduction: Erin, who likes trashy books

plaidSo hi, how are you? Alexis is letting me do some occasional contributing to her blog, so I’m introducing myself. I’m Erin. I go by “fshk” on the Internet. I’m a non-fiction editor based in New York City, and I spend my spare time writing romance novels.

Of relevance to you are probably my reading interests. I read lots of things. I have an English lit BA, which means I went to college and they implanted a chip in my brain that makes me pick up pretentious literary fiction when I’m in book stores. (I have a whole bookcase full of names like Chabon and Egan and Franzen and Eggers and I like it, so there!) And I have a pile of classics that are on my Best Books of All Time list (Jane Eyre is probably my most oft-reread book, although I do enjoy Faulkner and Fitzgerald and some of those dead white guys, too). I wrote a thesis on Toni Morrison. But I also like genre fiction a whole heck of a lot, especially mysteries and romances. I have been reading more romance than anything else recently, in fact, although there was a brief interlude this summer in which I read mostly nonfiction (I’m almost done with Moneyball—it’s good if you like baseball and/or statistics!). My particular area of expertise, such as it is, is LGBT romance, so I will probably be reviewing some of those for this site. I’m also partial to sports romances and romantic suspense with big burly alpha heroes. But I’ll read almost anything, so who knows?

I’m also a staunch advocate for ebooks, not just because I was a Kindle early adopter, but also because I think some of the digital-first publishers are taking some risks with what they’re publishing, and that is great for the industry.

So that’s a little about me. I hope to get a post up on here once a week or so.


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