First Post, in which I introduce the blog and myself while I ramble a bit.

Photo of me drinking butterbeer

Drinking Butterbeer at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, March 2011

Welcome to Parenthetical Observations. On this blog you can expect to find reviews of romance and YA novels, along with surprise reviews of anything else media-related that I have an opinion on. That can include, but is not limited to: sci-fi and fantasy, comic books and cartoons, movies and TV shows, and who knows? Maybe even NYC museum exhibits or Broadway musicals. (I’ve done countless museum reports in my life and it would be a shame to put those skills to waste, right?) I try to write the type of reviews I like to read. A summary without spoilers, and then an analysis. I spent too many years doing art school critiques to leave it at “I liked it – it was good.”

While overthinking what to write my first post about, a friend suggested I introduce myself. What a novel idea!

I’m a freelance artist living in New York City. I do graphic design, illustration, and photography, and I have a background in fine arts and animation. I also tutor and babysit, because bills gotta get paid and I’m really good with kids. I also worked at a big chain bookstore for six years, in case you doubt my love of books. (The discount was sweet, even if the pay wasn’t.) Now I have a Kindle, and the library nearby is in an awesome landmark building, which only increases my reluctance to pay full price for a book. (Sorry publishing industry.) I was totally anti-e-reader before I was given a Kindle, and now I’m so grateful for it. It helped me break my sentimental attachment to books and I was able to clear a lot of space on my bookshelves. (After being a bookseller for so long I am rather particular about how my shelves look. Warning: that job is hell on OCD tendencies!)

Fun fact: I almost named this blog after really nerdy typography terms, like x-height or kerning. (Look them up.) When I called my dad to tell him I’d finally come up with the name Parenthetical Observations, he said, “Wow, you’re really gonna make them work for it, aren’t you?” (My dad has been a reviewer of all forms of visual media since I was a little kid he was a kid. I think maybe some of that rubbed off on me.)

My favorite books are Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I have a hard time narrowing down favorite authors, but I’ll read anything that Nora Roberts publishes. And since I feel like this subject has enough content for a whole other post, I’ll just leave it at that for now.

I hope to start doing weekly features and other fun bloggy things soon, so stick around! And thanks for reading. 🙂



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